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Çavaria, Belgium

Çavaria inspires, stimulates and supports organizations and individuals who stand up for a broad view on sexuality, gender expression and gender identity. It sticks up for the rights of all LGBTIs in all aspects of daily life and strives to secure their well-being. Çavaria is an umbrella organization of approximately 125 LGBTI groups. For more than 20 years çavaria has been active in education and for the last 14 years their main focus is teacher training and policy development in education.

UniBS, Italy

UNIBS is an Italian University with longstanding tradition in addressing the crucial issue of gender equality. The University’s plan on gender equality began some years ago with the organisation of the course “Donne, politica e istituzioni”. The University of Brescia has an internal committee on equality (CUG), which works to make the University free of any discrimination. This Committee has also recently set up a first listening centre on well-being at the workplace. UNIBS has opened “LOG”, a laboratory/observatory on gender studies aimed at removing barriers for women in scientific and academic careers and developing strategies to address gender prejudices and stereotypes. The Department of Law of the University of Brescia is a traditional Law faculty, also aiming at achieving innovative pathways in education and research, responding to the increasing complexity and innovation of society.

ILGA Portugal, Portugal

Founded in 1995, ILGA Portugal is the largest and the oldest NGO in Portugal striving for equality and fighting against discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender expression and identity and sex characteristics. Their mission is the social integration of LGBTI people and their families in Portugal through a program of social support that improves their quality of life; through the fight against discrimination and through the promotion of full citizenship, Human Rights and gender equality.
ILGA Portugal has a strong diversity policy and very active groups devoted to specific topics such as Lesbian and Trans issues, as well as Rainbow Families. They are members of ILGA Europe's Advocacy Network, founding members of NELFA, correspondents for IDAHO, members of FRA’s Fundamental Rights Platform and of the Advisory Council of the Portuguese Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality.
Among their key activities are the Arraial Lisboa Pride – the largest LGBTI Pride event in Portugal, an LGBTI Community Centre with helpline, psychological and legal counseling, HIV and STI prevention, social integration and victim support.

Bilitis Foundation, Bulgaria

Bilitis Foundation is working to eliminate all forms of discrimination and achieving full equality
for LGBTI people in Bulgaria. Bilitis is the oldest LGBTI organization in the country with a rich experience in different fields such as education and training, advocacy, community empowerment and support.

Centro Risorse LGBTI, Italy

Centro Risorse LGBTI (LGBTI Resource Centre) is a nonprofit organization established in 2012 and based in Bologna whose mission is to contribute to the elimination of all forms of discrimination and human rights abuses against LGBTI persons, and to promote full equality.

Centro Risorse LGBTI works with the aim to support the LGBTQI+ communities and organizations in Italy. That’s why the main activities are training (for professionals and educators), research on LGBTQI+ related topics (such as: families, bullying, discrimination, wellbeing…) consultancy and capacity building activities to empower LGBTQI+ NGOs, campaigning and networking. Centro Risorse LGBTI has worked at an international level cooperating with organizations as ILGA Europe and GLSEN, and it’s part of Rete Educare alle Difference, a network that promotes a more inclusive education in schools of all ages.

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