School's Out Project

A better school environment for LGBTI students by increasing the knowledge of teachers.

About School’s Out

The School’s Out project aims to create a better school environment for LGBTI students by increasing the knowledge of teachers on including LGBTI topics in classes and how to address the issue of school bullying. It deals with the challenges LGBTI and gender non-conforming students face in schools, by training teachers and guiding schools on how to implement LGBTI and gender inclusive policies.

Why School’s Out

LGBTI students across Europe still face school difficulties because of their (perceived) sexual orientation and/or gender identity and expression. Multiple research shows that LGBTI students still experience high levels of bullying, verbal and physical violence. This leads to multiple consequences, among which feeling unsafe at school, missing classes and generally affecting the mental and physical wellbeing of the students. At the same time, far too often teachers, administration and other school staff do not take action to address anti-LGBTI bullying when they see it. 

The School’s Out project partners believe that teachers and schools can be a great ally to young LGBTI people. Creating a safer school environment and taking steps to support equality can be a great sign of support to the students and improve their general experience in the education field.


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Timeline of the project

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Who we are

Our team, our mission, our goals.

The School’s Out project is implemented by a consortium of partners that strive to improve the school climate for LGBTI students in four different countries. The partnership includes çavaria from Belgium, Bilitis Foundation from Bulgaria, Centro Risorse from Italy, ILGA Portugal from Portugal and Università degli Studi di Brescia from Italy.

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